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I got this from Linda Duncan tonight. This sounds like a great opportunity to help students developing their skills as engineers. They need SCCA volunteers!

... FSAE is Formula Society of Automotive Engineers. It is the college program designed to give future engineers in the auto industry a chance to show their skills, a performance assessment if you will. The auto manufacturers are looking for the next generation of engineers and FSAE is a way to showcase the student skills at different universities.

I have attached a copy of the volunteer form. I will have to look for the description of each of the exercises. Basically, students arrive at the site, register, get their safety gear checked, get the car teched, go to activities like tech design, cost presentation, design presentation, the tilt (to see if any fluids escape the car), sound(everyone is worried about sound these days), fueling, etc... there is a practice solo, skid pad... then the car has two drivers who qualify for best times on a solo course. Saturday, the last day, the two drivers have 22 km that have to be driven on an endurance course. There can be no mechanicals, no fluid leakage, etc.... This is where the SCCA has been working with students, the driving piece, so that they qualify on the solo course, brake test and skid pad on Friday well. This gives them a good spot on Sat to run the endurance without being held up by slower vehicles. Kansas University has taken top honors in the past few years that the SCCA has been working with the kids.

I hope this helps and that some of you can come out and enjoy working with these great young engineers.

Linda Duncan

Formula SAE Lincoln
Volunteer Opportunities
Lincoln Airpark, June 20 – 23, 2012

Technical Inspection
Wednesday June 20, 2012
Thursday, June 21, 2012
(Remaining days by appt only)

Part 1 – Technical Inspection
Assignment – Technical inspectors examine each vehicle to determine if it complies with the requirements and restrictions of the rules. Inspections are conducted using a technical inspection check list that is published on the FSAE website prior to the competition.

Technical Inspector Requirements – Technical inspectors should be qualified scrutineers or people familiar with vehicle engineering, design and fabrication.

Part 2 – Tilt Table Test/Fuel Station
Assignments – Tilt table volunteers conduct tilt tests to check for fluid leaks and confirm the vehicles stability. Fuel station volunteers fuel all vehicles prior to the tilt test and, additionally, during the dynamic events on Friday and Saturday and carry out the fuel measurements required before and after the Endurance and Fuel Economy event on Saturday.

Tilt Table and Fuel Station Volunteer Requirements – Volunteers should have a general familiarity with motor vehicles and fuel handling.

Part 3 – Noise, Master Switch and Brake Tests
Assignments – Noise, switch and brake test volunteers assist with the noise test and conduct tests of each vehicles master switches and brakes.

Noise, Master Switch and Brake Test Volunteer Requirements – Volunteers should have a general familiarity with motor vehicles.

Cost Event
Thursday, June 21, 2012

Assignment – Cost judges are assigned to inspect the cars from a predetermined and assigned group of schools to confirm that the car and the costs assigned to the car in the cost report fairly represent the actual costs for such a prototype. Additionally cost judges evaluate the team’s knowledge of the manufacturing processes and associated costs of two vehicle component picked at random from a list published in the Formula SAE rules.

Each team is assigned a 30 minute slot for cost judging. Each judging team will evaluate every cost report book. They will see which ever teams draw their component at random on the day of the event as well as those teams that have significant adjustments on their cost reports or teams that have questions on their specific component.

Cost Judge Requirements - Cost judges should be reasonably well rounded in manufacturing process and finance with some background in industrial engineering. Cost estimating experience a must - in many cases judges need to rely on their experience to determine if process used to manufacture a component is feasible and the costs are within accepted ranges.

Design Event
Thursday, June 21, 2012

Assignment – Design judges evaluate both (a) the design of the team’s vehicle and (b) the team’s knowledge of engineering design as applied to autocross vehicles and their ability to justify their design decisions. Prior to competition, design judges receive electronic copy of a report required by teams which provide preview of student design project.

Each team is assigned a one hour slot for design judging during which the judges examine the vehicle and talk to the team. Judging teams typically have 3 members each of whom evaluates the vehicle and team on specific areas of the car e.g. suspension, power train, ergonomics. Judges will spend time evaluating the individual teams, record feedback/assign a score for the teams and discuss judge impressions within the judging team.

Design Judge Requirements – It is expected that each person judging in the Design Event have professional engineering experience. Design judges are expected to have significant experience in automotive and / or race car design and development. Judges should have a minimum of 5 years professional experience. It is expected that a balance of practical and theoretical expertise exist and some level of personal racing experience is highly suggested.

The Design Event is an educational experience and as such, the personality of judging candidates should facilitate a critical evaluation of design work while maintaining a positive attitude towards the competitors.

Presentation Event
Thursday, June 21, 2012

Assignment – Presentation judges act as “executives” who listen, evaluate and score participating teams on their presentations and response to questions. Each team makes a formal presentation to convince the “executives” of a hypothetical motor vehicle company to purchase and market the team’s autocross racer design.

Team presentations are scheduled at 30 minute intervals. Team presentations are limited to 10 minutes followed by a 5 minute question and answer period.

Presentation Judge Requirements – Presentation judges should be familiar with the basic criteria on which a manufacturing firm would select a new design for production.
Since executives typically have a variety of backgrounds, knowledge in any management, business, manufacturing or engineering area would be helpful.

Dynamic Events:
Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autocross and Endurance
Friday, June 22 and Saturday June 23, 2012

Formula SAE includes 4 on-course events that are run on the final 2 days of the competition. The dynamic events are (1) Acceleration, (2) Skid Pad, (3) Autocross and (4) Endurance and Fuel Economy.

Assignment: Dynamic event volunteers are responsible for all operating aspects of the events. Assignments include: track marshals, corner captains, starters, staging line crew, cone crew, driver change marshals, black flag steward, passing zone crew and general volunteers.

Other Positions:
Announcer – make all event operation announcements and team requests
All event days

Weight Station - weigh team built vehicles to determine approximate weight
Wednesday, April 23
Thursday, April 24

Competition Administration – Assist with overall competition logistics from registration to event site cleanup, etc.

Wednesday, April 23
Thursday, April 24
Friday, April 25
Saturday, April 26

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